2012–2013: Con Lupa

Diana A. Camacho, Andrea R. Stangeland, Adelaida Barrera D., Jonas L. Skaalerud.

Con Lupa was the name of the team for the second edition of the exchage. Their theme: human rights. They lived first in Bergen, and then in Medellín.

We interviewed Jonas L. Skaalerud, he shared with us his thoughts about the experience.

What is the coolest memory you have from your time in the project?

I have a lot of cool memories. All our travels, to Copenhagen, Oslo, Bolombolo, Bogota, El Salvador. We spent a lot of time on the road, and I remember it as very exciting.


Why would you recommend this experience to someone else?

The project gives you the opportunity to develop a range of skills. From specialised knowledge on the project's theme, to team-working and inter-personal skills. It also gives you a unique insight into the organisation of CISV.


What do you believe was the coolest/largest impact you made with the project?

I'm very proud of the book we created. Although we continuously held seminars and workshops on human rights, the book 'Bowl of Rights' is a physical and permanent contribution to the organisation's work on human rights.