Submerge into new perspectives

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Work in a multicultural setting

Being part of the Peace Education Youth Exchange is an opportunity for young volunteers to see the world from a different perspective. During the project, the volunteers are presented with the challenge of living in a different country, in a different culture. As a consequence, the discussions that happen and products that come up in the team are relevant across borders.

If you want to get out of your bubble and take on the challenge of working with peace education from an intercultural perspective, you should consider applying for this exchange.

Explore this website to learn more about the exchange and who can apply.


An exiting cultural adventure

The participants in the exchange will have the change to experience life on the other side. This cultural exchange is the foundation for the project, as the theme will be approached from to different and complementary perspectives. Taking the time to immerse in a different culture provides understanding that enriches the discussions around peace education.

As a volunteer in the exchange you will be able to explore life in a different country, everything from new food and different weather to different ways of socializing and approaching everyday situations. Just take a look at what the previous participants have shared about it!

Let's try Norwegian food – by Diana Camacho

Eating like a Colombian – by Jonas L. Skaalerud

Norway in a Nutshell – By Juan David Valencia