2013-2014: The Divers

In 2013–2104  The Divers, as they decided to call themselves, worked on diversity. While living in Bergen for the first part of the exchange, they participated in local CISV activities like Verden i Bergen. They also participated in national CISV activities in Oslo, planing and executing an activity during the Fall Meeting for CISV volunteers from all over the country. The Divers visited Great Britain, where they took part in a training for young CISVers and they got the chance to visit CISV's International Office. There they met with Rupert, our Educational Officer, and got to discuss with him the needs there are for peace educational tools about diversity.

In January the Divers started their second part of the journey, in Bogotá, where they had plenty more chances to meet new people and work with their content area, diversity. They worked on editing their book, The Kaleidoscope, which has become a tool to spread knowledge about the topic and provide activity ideas on how to educate on diversity.

These are the Divers

Mikkel Stokke (Norway)

"What is so great about this project is the opportunity to meet and work with so many fantastic people."

Ana Maria Gallardo (Colombia)

"What motivates me is the idea of working for peace education and trying to contribute from your own experiences to a better world and for personal growth."

Anna Caro Carvajal (Colombia)

"The traveling, meeting new people and being able to write have been the greatest parts. But also living and working with people you've never met before makes this whole thing a huge learning experience in every possible way."