Bergen and Bogotá, Home of the Project

August to December: Bergen

Bergen is the home of the exchange during its first fase. With a strong CISV chapter, and a great CISV house, it is the ideal location to start the project. Andrea, from the second edition of the exchange, wrote in their blog about a regular day in Bergen while they were living there:

"The alarm rings and I don’t understand why. It’s pitch-dark outside and I assume I’ve set my alarm for the wrong time. I fall asleep again. Despite having grown up in Norway I never seem to get used to the darkness that winter brings with it. Fortunately, my alarm operates with the snooze-function and five minutes later I’m up and getting ready for work. The cold, crisp morning breeze accompanies me on my way from the apartment and towards the Bybane, the only (non-touristy) tram in Bergen. Going to work often means going to the train station, airport or another part of town, but more often than not, I go to The Office; a small three-storey house filled with second hand furniture and CISV posters, pictures, banners and materials, known as the CISV House." Continue reading about life in Bergen here.

Downtown bergen

January to May: Bogotá

During the second part of the exchange the participants will be based in the capital of Colombia, Bogotá. This is an exiting city of around 8 million people, located in the Andes Mountais: 2600 meters closer to the stars. Mikkel, from the third edition of the project, wrote about his first impressions in this city in their blog:

"I’ve spend 2 weeks here already, and seen many different places in Bogotá. The city is very easy to understand with Carreras y Calles (streets and avenues), but the private public transport system is very randomized. If you want to go somewhere as a tourist, taxi is a good solution and it is cheap! I’m starting to get to know some of the busses and the Transmilenio (the «overground» system thats very easy to understand and it is frequent!) helps me getting around. (…) While I am used to snow, wear 5 layers of clothing and skiing in Norway at this time of the year, I’m wearing t-shirts, walk in the parks and getting sunburned during my stay in Bogotá. It is supposed to be a rainy area, but so far I’ve only seen rain for just 2 hours. The weather is usually warm during day and cold at night. As a foreign viking, nighttime is sweater time."


Photo by Javier Guillot (Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0)