Leaving on a Jet Plane

A Journey through Conflict and Resolution

CISV Norway and CISV Colombia have once again published a book to contribute to the CISV's theme of the year, which for 2015 is Conflict Resolution. Leaving on a Jet Plane is the fourth and last release in the CISV Peace Education Series, following The Lunchbox (about sustainable development),  Bowl of Rights (about human rights) and The Kaleidoscope (about diversity). This is a useful resource for participants of educational programmes and everyone who is interested in the topic. The book is divided into five chapters that allow you to learn more about Conflict and Resolution at an interpersonal, local, national and international level, and explain how these levels are all connected. You will find interviews, articles and personal stories that provide you with diverse tools, histories and perspectives on the above-mentioned levels of Conflict and Resolution. Leaving on a Jet Plane might very well give you a new perspective on Conflict and Resolution.

The book was made by The Jirafa Project, an exchange project between CISV Norway and CISV Colombia in 2014–2015, and it was funded by FredskorpsetLNU (The Norwegian Children and Youth Council) and The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We have made the book also available to read on your screen! You can read Leaving on a Jet Plane EPUB on a web browser or with an app, just choose the method you like best from the options bellow:

How to get and read the ebook

1. Download the book directly from here, and then open it with an EPUB reader. We recommend using Google Books (app or on Chrome) or iBooks, other apps might have problem reading it.

2. If you have a Google Play account, you can download the book there directly to read on your computer screen (on any web browser), tablet or phone (with the Google Books app).

google play

3. If you have an Apple account, you can download the book directly on the iBooks Store to read on your computer screen, tablet or phone with the iBooks app.