One Year of Sustainable Development

A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way

- Mark Twain

This film marks the end of The Kompaz SD Video Collection: 18 films focusing on different aspects of sustainable development. This also means that our time being The Kompaz Team is coming to an end, a time which has brought us a lot of fun, some frustration and unquestionably a lot of experiences

Carrying a Cat by the Tail

Mark Twain has a very good point: sometimes you have to carry the cat by the tail to fully understand that you probably should not do that. In one way, that is how we have been working this year. At the outset, back in August, the team gathered for the first time. We dived straight into the work, with a limited knowledge of how to make films, and in the beginning there were probably some professionals who would think that we “carried the cat by its tail.”

And that is all part of it!

CISV is all about learning by doing, and that is how we approached this project. We have committed mistakes, learnt from them and tried to make it better next time. And even if we still have a way up to Spielberg, we feel that we have developed throughout the year, leaving a collection of videos we are proud of.

What next?

The 15/16 Kompaz Team is, as mentioned, coming to an end. That, of course, does not mean that Kompaz is gone. First of all, The Kompaz SD Video Collection will forever be available right here on this blog, complete with articles and activities. We hope that people make use of these tools we have created, in CISV-camps, in schools or any other educational setting.

Secondly – there will be a new team starting up in August, which will focus on Human Rights. We are excited to see what the next team will bring, and how they decide to “carry the cat.” We wish them all the best!

But before the next team takes over, we still have a few surprises for you during the summer, which means there is plenty to look forward to still.

P.S.: a small hint: one of those surprises is heavily linked to the activity that follows with this video. Why not check it out?

Activity: SD Dance