Kompaz 15/16 Behind the Scenes


As our second surprise, we want to invite you to take a closer look at how it is to be a part of The Kompaz Project

More than Work

Four strangers, four months in Norway, four months in Colombia. That was the recipe when we started. We worked very closely for eight months, and there is no denying that at times such a close relationship can be challenging. Despite the challenges, the four of us all agree that we will look back at this year as a year with a lot of work, but more importantly a fun year, a year with many experiences and new friends. A year that we are all happy to have been a part of, and now as a new Kompaz Team is about to begin we all feel a little bit jealous.

Still, we are happy for them, and we wish them all the best.

In other words: this is the last film from Kompaz 15/16, and in it you get to see our experience “behind the scenes.” We hope you enjoy it, we hope you have enjoyed the other films, and more than anything we hope that you will keep following the next Kompaz Team!