Meet the team 17/18

What happens when you put two Norwegian and Colombian women together for a year? Stay tuned and find out. Angela, Maia, Natha and Marte aka the new #Kompaz team is ready to tackle diversity!


Natha Triana, 24, has a BA in Political Science. She has a lot experience working with youth from NGOs in Colombia, Brazil and Sweden. Her work has focused on promoting Colombian culture by breaking stereotypes and empowering the voice of youth in the political arena.

She is the handy woman of the team and loves dancing salsa 💃🏼



Maia Gartland Hoff, 22, holds a BA in Political Science. She has studied in the United States, Spain and Norway. Her work focuses on Spanish and Latin American politics and culture as well as the Arabic world. She has worked in communications for Médecins Sans Frontières, and teaching elementary school.

She is a walking karaoke machine and will burst into song "whenever, wherever" (we are meant to be together) 👩‍🎤


Angela Ma Parra Pe, 24, has studied Psychology. She has volunteered in CISV for five years at the local and regional level, as well as other organizations in Colombia and Canada. She has worked with multiple age groups developing projects related to sexual health, forgiveness and reintegration into society.

She feels like an old lady trapped in a young person's body (she even has a cat 🐱)

Marte Gjerde, 26, is working on her MA thesis about family migration policies. In recent years she has volunteered for The Red Cross and CISV, and her working experience ranges from bartending to teaching in a kindergarten.

Some of her biggest passions are extreme sports 🤸‍♀️ and cheese 🧀